How Can I Find Out if I Have a Warrant
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How Can I Find Out if I Have a Warrant

There could be a million reasons why you would ask “How can I find out if I have a warrant?” Maybe somebody framed you for something and you want to know if it really stuck and you should get it taken care of. Possibly you went on a crime spree after you’d had a few too many vodka and tonics. Now you don’t remember what you did. It could be you are a drug addict and have been up on some good stuff for a few days. Now you’re paranoid the cops are after you. Whatever the reason is that you want to find out if you have a warrant, it’s ok. We have a solution. If you follow our simple steps, you can know for sure whether you have one or not and rest easy. Maybe.

Step 1 Locate the Crime

You need to know where the crime was committed in order to find the warrant.  Most states in the US have counties. When a person commits a crime the county of offense takes action to bring the criminal into custody. This is how the court system works. Once it has been established that a crime was committed and you, or whoever has been identified as a suspect in that crime, an alert goes out to the Sherriff’s office and the local police stations. This becomes an actual court procedure that involves taking you to jail, or at least giving you a court date. Once you identify the area where the crime was done you have your first step in finding out if you have a warrant.

Step 2 Contact the County or Area

If you live in Louisiana, Alaska, Connecticut, or Rhode Island you may have to use some critical thinking skills to get the answers you are looking for because they do not use the typical “county” structure that the rest of the states do. This does not mean you can’t find out if you have warrants there, it means you will need to do some searching to find out exactly who to contact in order to get the warrant information. Do not worry though, we have a much simpler way to find out if you have warrants later in this post. Look for the website that has court information for the area the crime was committed within and see if they have a searchable portal to find out about warrants in that area. Each state and county will have different variations of where to look, but warrant information is obtainable through the court system where the crime took place. 

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  • Search the website for a warrant search portal
  • Use a contact form on the website to inquire about warrants
  • Find the phone number of the county and call to inquire about warrants

This can be tedious work. But if this is too much for you, keep reading we have a very simple and easy solution. Do you really want to find out if you have a warrant?

How Can I Find Out if I Have a Warrant Using SpyFly?

Although the above-mentioned methods to find out whether or not you have a warrant will theoretically work, we have a much better solution. Find warrant information using a simple, easy, confidential website: Why risk getting arrested? Use this discreet online method that brings true information to your fingertips without any risks. 

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