Do Your Coworkers Have Arrest Records?
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Do Your Coworkers Have Arrest Records?

If you’ve ever been arrested, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself wondering at one point or another how much information the people in your life have access to. Considering arrest records are available to the public if you know where to look, there’s a chance that someone may have already looked into your records. The real question is how much information they have access to, and how they might go about finding this information.

What Kind of Information do People Have Access To?

The internet combined with the very nature of public records has made it incredibly easy for people to find information. If someone knows where to look they can find things like arrest records, criminal records, driving records, court records, addresses, job history, and a lot more. The key phrase there is “if they know where to look.” Because while this information is publicly available that doesn’t always mean that people know exactly where to find it even if they wanted to. There are a couple of common methods that are used, but rest assured knowing that most people don’t go through the trouble.

The Most Commonly Used Method.

Out of the two easiest methods, this one is the most commonly used because it’s more likely that people will have heard of it. Essentially, many county Sheriff’s departments and courts provide databases that have all sorts of public information accessible in them. This may sound a little stressful if you’re concerned that your coworkers may know your entire history that easily, but there are a number of drawbacks that make this method a lot harder to find people’s information.

The first drawback is that the information provided by these databases isn’t given to the person searching in a bundle. That means that they have to manually compile information not only from the database they’re looking in but in every applicable database. That also means that if the person who is searching for your records doesn’t know the county you were arrested in the odds of them finding the information this way are slim to none.

A Slightly More Uncommon Method.

There is an easier method for those that are savvy enough to know how to find it. Many people companies exist with the express purpose of locating and providing any public records available on someone. These companies are called personal background check companies. If someone knows how to find one of these services and uses it there’s a good chance they’d have access to all of your public background information.

These companies operate by searching through public records all over the nation instantly. That means that if someone has suspicions about you and you’ve been arrested or charged for crimes anywhere in the country they’d be able to get that information while they’re getting ready for work.

Public Records Accessibility Made Easy.

If you’re concerned that your coworkers know about your arrest records there’s a good chance that this article didn’t do anything to ease your concerns. Fortunately, even most people that do use these services won’t go through the trouble unless you’re going to play a big role in their personal life. Even out of those people, most people are more likely to check through the records provided by their local authorities, so if you were arrested in another parter of the country there’s a good chance they would have no way to know. 

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