What is a Fair Compensation for Burn Injury?

What is a Fair Compensation for Burn Injury?

People get burned, either at work or in another setting. Sometimes it’s your fault, like touching a clearly hot stove, but other times it’s not. You deserve to get compensated for what happened to you if you are not at fault.

You will want to talk to a burn injury lawyer… and the first question you may want to ask is: “What is fair compensation for a burn injury?” Read on to learn more.


The first thing that a burn injury lawyer will likely explain is that it can be hard to determine what a fair compensation for this is, initially. They have to see how severely you were burned and what the defendant who caused you to be burned originally intended. They also need to dig to see how the defendant might be able to pay a settlement.

Types of Burns

Your case also depends on the severity of your burns. They fall into three degrees:

  • First: This is the mildest type of burn. You may have some red skin but nothing else. It tends to heal on its own.
  • Second: You may have some blistering of the skin and have some swelling. This affects two layers of skin.
  • Third: This is the most severe burn. It affects the skin and some other tissues of your body. It is a medical emergency.

If you have pain and permanent scarring from your burns, then you will have a higher likelihood of a larger settlement.

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Location and Cause of the Accident

Did the accident happen at work? Were you already in the hospital and something caught fire there due to a defect? Were you wearing an article of clothing that was flammable? All of these things come into play when it comes to deciding on fair compensation for a burn injury.

Can The Defendant Be Sued For Punitive Damages?

If the injury was not caused by negligence on the defendant’s part and happened at work, you may still be entitled to workman’s compensation instead of punitive damages. It can be very difficult to calculate punitive damages when it comes to negligence since there are variables there too – like if a manufacturer bypassed testing on a product and it turned out to be flammable. A good lawyer will work with you.

Simply put, there is no simple graph that lists fair compensation, but your lawyer will navigate the system to get you the best amount possible.