Want to See if Your Date Has Arrest Records? Here’s How:
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Want to See if Your Date Has Arrest Records? Here’s How:

We’ve all been there. You’ve met the perfect person, maybe online, maybe at the grocery store, and you feel like they’re just too good to be true. Many of us are very cautious about this kind of thing because there are genuinely some dangerous people out in the world. Fortunately, finding out if the person in question is dangerous can be just as easy as doing an arrest records lookup. This information is very easy to find if you know how to use the internet, and today we’re going to give you a couple of pointers to ensure that you have access to this information as easily as possible.

Using Law Enforcement Records.

Many law enforcement agencies provide a database with rudimentary information, and in some cases, arrest history is included. To find your local or county police’s website you can just google your county and police. It should come up as one of the first results. This method can work if you only want to get information from a singular county and don’t need any information beyond that

If you need to check multiple counties, don’t know where to look, or the person in question has a history of getting arrested this can be quite the process. None of the databases are connected so you have to manually find and compile all of the information to make sure that you’re getting the full story.

There’s another drawback with this method. Not every county provides this kind of database. It’s very common for counties that don’t have a lot of funding to skip this. After all, there are a lot of things that any entity has to pay for even if it is a government agency. That means that if you’re looking into a smaller county you may not find any information there because they decided to use their funding somewhere else.

Kyrgyzstan: officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was detained on the fact of extortion of a bribe — ACCA

Using Personal Background Check Companies

There are many companies that solely exist to ensure that the public has the easiest time possible finding the information they need. These companies are called personal background check companies and they operate by pulling information from public databases all over the United States. When you do a search through one of these companies they find all results that match your search query and give them to you instantly.

Using this method you can expect to find more than just arrest records. Users commonly find criminal records, driving records, court records, residence history, contact information, and sometimes even more. If there’s any information about the person in question available on the public record you’ll be able to see it and make your choices from there.

Using the Internet to Your Advantage.

The internet is relatively easy to use for most people, and you can make the internet help keep you safer. Knowing if someone has a history of violent crimes allows you to decide if that person is worth being around or if the risk is too great. Many Americans utilize various methods for collecting this type of information, and it’s incredibly easy to do if you just know where to find it. Safety is the number one priority of many Americans, even people worldwide. Having information that can help keep you safer will help you make better choices in the long run.

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