Tech Chasing Against Falcon: A Guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players

Tech Chasing Against Falcon: A Guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players

Understanding Tech Chasing

What is Tech Chasing?

thetech is the art of predicting and reacting to an opponent’s “tech” or recovery option after being knocked down. Against a character like Captain Falcon, who boasts incredible speed and evasiveness, mastering tech chasing is crucial for maintaining control and securing valuable follow-up attacks.

Falcon’s Tech Options

  1. Rolls: Falcon’s quick rolls can cover considerable distance. Anticipating the direction of his roll is key to a successful tech chase.
  2. Get-up Attacks: Falcon’s get-up attacks are swift and can catch opponents off guard. Predicting when he’ll use them allows for effective punishes.
  3. Neutral Get-up: A standard get-up without any directional input. Tech chasing against neutral get-ups involves quick reactions and precise timing.
  4. Tech in Place: Falcon might opt to tech in place, staying in the same position. This option requires close attention to detail during a tech chase.
  5. Missed Tech: If Falcon misses his tech, the window for a powerful punish opens. Recognizing this situation is crucial for maximizing damage.

Executing Tech Chases Against Falcon

Observation is Key

Successfully tech chasing Falcon begins with keen observation. Watch your opponent’s habits and tendencies closely. Does Falcon favor rolling to one side? Is he prone to using get-up attacks? Understanding these patterns is the first step to a successful tech chase.

Predictive Positioning

Position yourself strategically based on Falcon’s potential tech options. If he tends to roll away, position yourself to cover that space. If he favors get-up attacks, stand at a safe distance and be ready to punish.

Reaction Time Matters

Tech chasing is a game of split-second decisions. Hone your reaction time through practice and anticipation. The faster you can recognize Falcon’s tech option, the more consistently you’ll convert successful tech chases.

Mix Up Your Approaches

Keep Falcon guessing by mixing up your tech chase approaches. Sometimes dash in for a grab, other times opt for a spaced-out attack. By varying your strategies, you make it challenging for Falcon to predict your actions.

Utilize Character-Specific Advantages

Each character has unique tools that can enhance tech chasing. Experiment with your character’s moveset to find options that cover Falcon’s tech choices effectively. For example, characters with long-reaching grabs or fast dash attacks can capitalize on Falcon’s movements.

Practice Makes Perfect

Training Mode Drills

Utilize the Training Mode to set up specific scenarios against a CPU Falcon. Practice reacting to different tech options, refine your positioning, and experiment with punishes.

Real Matches and Adaptation

Apply what you’ve practiced in real matches. Pay attention to how Falcon adapts to your tech chasing and adjust your strategies accordingly. The ability to adapt is a powerful asset in the dynamic world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Analyzing Replays

Reviewing your own match replays and analyzing high-level gameplay featuring skilled players can provide valuable insights. Take note of how top players approach tech chasing against Falcon and incorporate those strategies into your own arsenal.


Tech chasing Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate requires a combination of observation, prediction, and quick reactions. By understanding Falcon’s tech options, positioning yourself strategically, and practicing consistently, you can elevate your tech chasing game and gain a significant advantage in your matches. So, step into the arena, keep a sharp eye on Falcon’s movements, and let your tech chasing prowess shine.