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Mastering the Defensive Art: Teching Grabs in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Understanding the Basics of Teching Grabs

What is Teching Grabs?

Teching grabs involves executing a defensive maneuver to escape potential follow-up attacks after being grabbed by an opponent. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, when a character successfully grabs another, the grabbed player has the opportunity to perform a tech to minimize vulnerability and create a chance for counterplay.

Importance of Teching

Teching grabs is crucial in high-level play as it prevents opponents from chaining together devastating combos or setting up edgeguarding situations. Mastering this skill can significantly improve a player’s survivability and overall performance in competitive matches.

Executing a Successful Tech

Timing is Key

The essence of successful teching lies in precise timing. As your character is thrown or slammed onto the ground after a grab, press the shield button (L or R) at the right moment to perform a tech. Practice the timing in training mode to develop muscle memory for different throw animations and percentages.

Directional Influence (DI)

In addition to teching, understanding directional influence (DI) is crucial. Tilt the control stick in a specific direction during the tech to influence the trajectory of your character after the tech. DI can be strategically used to escape follow-up attacks, reposition yourself, or mix up your defensive options.

Practical Tips for Teching Grabs in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Practice in Training Mode

Utilize the Training Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee to practice Technology Set the CPU opponent to perform grabs at different percentages and experiment with different characters to understand the nuances of teching against various animations.

Mix-Up Teching Options

To keep your opponent guessing, mix up your teching options. Experiment with tech rolls, tech in place, and missed techs to add unpredictability to your defensive game. Predictability can be exploited, so varying your tech choices is essential.

Recognize Grab Setups

Develop an awareness of your opponent’s grab setups. Certain characters have reliable grab combos or follow-ups, especially at specific percentages. Recognizing these setups allows you to anticipate grabs and be prepared to tech.

Advanced Techniques: Platform Teching and Edgeguarding Situations

Platform Teching

If you find yourself near platforms when teching grabs, consider utilizing platform techs. Teching onto a platform provides an additional layer of defense and can disrupt opponents’ potential follow-ups, creating opportunities for counterplay.

Teching in Edgeguarding Situations

When near the edge, opponents may attempt to follow up a grab with an edgeguarding scenario. Be prepared to tech near ledges to avoid getting caught in edge spikes or aerial attacks. Mix up your recovery options to make edgeguarding more challenging for opponents.

Practice, Patience, and Match Awareness

Consistent Practice Sessions

Devote regular practice sessions to specifically focus on teching grabs. Experiment with different characters and practice against human opponents to simulate real-game scenarios. Consistency in practice builds muscle memory and reflexes.

Patience in Learning

Learning to tech grabs proficiently takes time and patience. Each character has unique throw animations, and opponents may vary their grab timings. Be patient with yourself, and gradually refine your teching skills through consistent practice.

Match Awareness

Maintain awareness of your opponent’s habits and playstyle. Recognize when opponents are likely to go for grabs, and adapt your defensive strategy accordingly. Match awareness allows you to make informed decisions about when and how to tech.


Teching grabs in Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fundamental skill that can influence the outcome of matches, especially in high-stakes competitive play. By understanding the basics of teching, practicing precise timing, incorporating directional influence strategies, and being mindful of advanced techniques like platform teching, players can elevate their defensive game and navigate the complexities of grab situations with confidence.