Marketing With High Tech Means Using High Touch

Marketing With High Tech Means Using High Touch

High tech has a distinctive meaning these days. You use almost any sort of generation for your business from ATMs via the banks to online credit card popularity.

High contact means there have to be to be had anyplace you operate generation. You can both be that person your self or have a digital assistant do it for you.

Here’s an instance. Recently, I known as a organization to get greater statistics AND I had cash to spend. Their smartphone become replied by generation (machines) and no matter what I did it wasn’t feasible to talk with a real character. They did not even name me returned. They did two things incorrect!

The proprietors of this enterprise possibly concept they had been saving cash and making existence less difficult for a few employees. They did neither. They may not have at the least one new consumer and phrase will get around that you can not speak to someone there.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind AND do!

1. Make it smooth to do enterprise with you. If you are using generation to reply your telephones, true for you. Just have both a manner for people to speak to someone in individual or leave a message .

2. Say what your coverage is for a way you answer messages. It can be within 1 hour or in 2 or three hours. Then have a person do it. Say precisely what you imply and suggest what you assert.

Three. Have the individual that speaks “love” their work. Have you ever been somewhere and the character on the checkout is surly? You say to yourself, “This man or woman is doing the incorrect process.” Be certain you have got the “proper” person at the phone.