How to Get a Pharmacy Tech License

How to Get a Pharmacy Tech License

Are you passionate about healthcare and interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician? Obtaining a pharmacy technician license is a crucial step towards achieving your career goals. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of getting your pharmacy tech license, from meeting the requirements to completing the application.

Introduction to Pharmacy Technician License

A pharmacy technician license is a certification that allows individuals to work in pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare settings under the supervision of licensed pharmacists. This credential ensures that pharmacy technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively assist pharmacists in dispensing medications and providing patient care.

Requirements for Obtaining a Pharmacy Tech License

Educational Requirements

One of the primary requirements for obtaining a pharmacy technician license is completing a formal education program. Most states require candidates to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, many states require completion of a pharmacy technician training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Training Requirements

In addition to formal education, aspiring pharmacy technicians must complete a certain number of training hours under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. These training hours may include hands-on experience in pharmacy settings, such as retail pharmacies, hospitals, or long-term care facilities.

Examination Requirements

Once educational and training requirements are met, candidates must pass a standardized licensure exam administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). This exam assesses knowledge and skills related to pharmacy practice, medication safety, and regulatory compliance.

Steps to Obtain a Pharmacy Technician License

Research State-Specific Requirements

Before starting the process, it’s essential to research the specific requirements for pharmacy technician licensure in your state. Each state has its own set of regulations and guidelines governing the licensure process.

Enroll in an Accredited Pharmacy Technician Program

To meet educational requirements, enroll in an accredited pharmacy technician program. These programs typically include coursework in pharmacy law and ethics, medication dosage calculations, pharmaceutical terminology, and pharmacy practice settings.

Complete Required Training Hours

Gain hands-on experience by completing the required training hours in a pharmacy setting. This training provides valuable practical skills and prepares you for the responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.

Prepare for and Pass the Licensure Exam

Thoroughly prepare for the licensure exam by studying relevant materials and taking practice exams. Be sure to review key topics such as pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations, and pharmacy law.

Application Process for Pharmacy Technician License

Gather Necessary Documents

Before applying for licensure, gather all necessary documents, including transcripts from your educational program, documentation of completed training hours, and identification materials.

Submit Application to the Appropriate Board or Agency

Submit your application for pharmacy technician licensure to the appropriate state board of pharmacy or regulatory agency. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully and provide accurate information.

Pay Required Fees

Pay any required application fees associated with the licensure process. Fees may vary depending on the state and regulatory agency.

Renewal and Continuing Education

Renewal Process Overview

After obtaining your pharmacy technician license, it’s essential to keep it current by renewing it periodically. Renewal requirements typically include completing continuing education credits and paying renewal fees.

Continuing Education Requirements

Stay up-to-date with changes in the field of pharmacy by completing continuing education courses. These courses cover topics such as new medications, emerging therapies, and updates to pharmacy regulations.

Benefits of Having a Pharmacy Technician License

Obtaining a pharmacy technician license offers numerous benefits, including increased job opportunities, higher earning potential, and greater job security. Additionally, licensure demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and excellence in the field of pharmacy.


Obtaining a pharmacy technician license is a rewarding journey that requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to excellence. By following the steps outlined in this guide and meeting the necessary requirements, you can embark on a fulfilling career as a licensed pharmacy technician.