How Many Sex Offenders are in My Area?

How Many Sex Offenders are in My Area?

A popular question that many people are asking these days is “how many sex offenders are in my area?” Thanks to the law that requires sex offenders to register in the state that they were convicted in, it is now pretty easy to find where they are and how close they live to you. The best way to find out is to use a trusted search site that will help you to protect children and other loved ones from sexual predators.

Kids Live Safe Sexual Predator Search

When you do a sexual predator search on Kids Live Safe, you can do it in a few different ways. If you know the name of the person, you can type it into the search bar and find the information that you are looking for. If you want to do a search using your address, all you have to do is type it into the search bar, and you will see all of the registered sex offenders within a five-mile radius of you. If you want to search by zip code, you can do that as well. Kids Live Safe makes it easy and quick to find the information that you are looking for.

Receive Helpful Updates

Kids Live Safe offers an update program that tells you when a convicted sex offender moves into your area. The great thing is that you can choose up to three different areas that you want to monitor and get updated whenever a convicted sex offender moves in within five miles of that address. Once you sign up, all you have to do is check your email regularly, and you will know where the child molesters are and when they move there. Just knowing where the danger could be is more than half the battle won when it comes to child protection.

More Than A Sex Offender Search

Another great thing about Kids Live Safe is that you can find out the whole story behind whoever you search about. Say, for instance, there is a guy on the corner that doesn’t look right to you. If you do a search for sex offenders, he may not show up because he may not have been convicted of a sex offense. If you know his name, all you have to do is type it into the search box, and if he has any convictions for other things, you will see them. Don’t be too surprised when you find out all of the convicted felons that are around you. The databases reach far back, so felonies from twenty years ago will show up. With this kind of information, you can see the type of person you are dealing with and whether or not to feel threatened by them. You can find things like:

  • Arrest records
  • Warrant information
  • Family members
  • Prior addresses
  • Financial problems
  • Criminal convictions
  • Sex offenses

Often, just knowing the truth about somebody will save you a lot of trouble and heartache. If you know who to look out for and what to keep your kids away from, you are in the right solution.